By: Kristan K. Erner

Freshening Up Your Home

Tags: House cleaning, Freshening up your home, getting ready for sale

Summer has finally arrived and after a long winter hibernation, it’s about time to get your home freshened up! Leanna Farruki, owner of Sparkling Green Cleaning Services, has some great tips to get you started:
§          Leanna starts by de-cluttering:  “Use the 4 container clutter method to help figure out items that need to be kept, sold, given away or tossed out.”
§          Next she says to: “Wash the floors and walls.  The floors can use a good scrub after the winter and yes, dust really does stick to the walls.  Simply use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe them down.”
§          When cleaning windows Leanna suggests that you clean them both inside and out with these simple instructions: “Use a squeegee, a bucket of warm water and some dish soap.  Clean windows will brighten up each room.”
§          Then comes the vacuuming under the furniture: “Even if it means moving it a little to the left or the right to vacuum behind it and then moving it back into place.”
§          Her final tip: “Clean ceiling fixtures and light fixtures.  This may mean investing in a step-ladder but it will be well worth not having the dust circulating when you turn on your fan when it gets warm.”
Following these tips will mean a fresher and happy home. For more spring-cleaning ideas or to have some spring cleaning done for you, please contact Sparkling Green Cleaning Services at 416 882-8995 or
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