By: Kristan K. Erner

Moving Tips

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Whether you are buying a bigger home to accommodate your growing family, or you’re downsizing to a townhome or condo, packing up and getting ready to move can be a daunting task.  We’ve put together a list of tips that will help you to streamline your packing and make thing a little easier come moving day.
Tip #1: Bag it
Boxes are boxes — you might have flexibility of size but not of shape. Do you have a lot of square shaped things? Instead of relying on boxes for everything, think bags. Start with your suitcases, which are the perfect spot for clothes. Then use vacuum seal bags. These are great way to store bulky items like comforters, sweaters and pillows without taking up a lot of space.
Tip #2: Clear Plastic Bin for Essentials
Phone charger. Toothbrush. Pajamas. Coffeemaker. Those items are all you'll need to get through the first night in your new place. To instantly find those essentials, pack them up in a clear plastic bin. It will help if this is the only clear plastic bin you use for the move.
Tip #3: Toss the Junk
You’ve probably accumulated more than you realize since the last time you moved. Create a pile for donation, ask friends and family if they want anything, and whatever is left toss.
Tip #4: Electronic Selfie
Before you unplug everything from your television, computer or stereo, take a picture of where everything goes. This will help you when it’s time to plug it all back in again.
Tip #5: Wrap it in Plastic
Movers are pros at wrapping things in the big furniture pads. You can cut down on time by pre-wrapping your stuff in plastic. Think big rolls of Saran Wrap. Quick to wrap and unwrap.
Tip #6 Label Your New Doors
You’ve already labelled all your boxes, but you can help movers by labelling all the rooms. Tape a sign to the door disgnationg which is the master bedroom, kid’s bedroom, office etc. This way mover’s will know exactly where to put all your boxes and you won’t be searching for it later.
Finally, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You don’t want to be rushing on the day of the move randomly tossing things into boxes and bags. With a little planning and these tips hopefully your moving day will be a little easier.
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