By: Kristan K. Erner

What's your Home Worth?

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What do you think your  home is worth and why?
When selling your home, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is the asking price. Homebuyers shop around, so you'll have to set a fair market price if you hope to sell. At the same time, you will want to get as much as possible for your property.

Some things to consider when deciding on your price: The age and condition of your home, Whether it needs updating, What similar homes in your area have sold for, Whether property values in your area have been increasing or decreasing, and Whether there are a lot of homes for sale in your area. Setting the right price can be very difficult, so we suggest you get a real estate professional from The Kristan Erner Group at Royal LePage Signature Realty Inc. to help you.
A room by room check up of your home suggesting simple solutions could increase the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars. This is a free service that we provide with our complementary evaluation.
Remember, the experience and knowledge that we possess is invaluable. We spend a great deal of our time and energy keeping our fingers on the pulse of the market and have the resources, connections and ability to keep you up-to-date with its constant changes. We are your best source for determining and getting the highest price possible.  Call us at (416) 443-0300 for immediate attention.
Kristan K. Erner is a Broker at Royal LePage Signature with more than 24 years experience. The Kristan Erner Group is a team inspired concept utilizing the unique experiences of all of our members.
Kristan K. Erner